Wendy & Xiaobo // Love

Wendy and Xiaobo (who kindly let us call him “X”) share such a sweet and joy-filled love for one another. From start to finish of our time together, I noticed two things about them. First of all, they laughed together A LOT… so important in a healthy relationship. Second, they were continually caring for each other and putting each other first, as if they were both more aware of the other’s happiness than their own. We have the privilege of shooting their wedding this weekend at Messina Hof, and I have no doubt that their marriage will flourish with these two qualities as a part of their foundation. 

Wendy & “X” wanted to re-enact the proposal, so we set up on this beautiful dock at Rock Lake Ranch and watched them get engaged all over again! They were so excited you would have thought it was the real thing!