Wedding Gallery

Hannah & Hart // Covenant

September 19th was a perfect day for a wedding. Clear blue skies spread abroad over Olde Dobbin Station as theView full post »

Bethany & Jerrod // Covenant

You can tell a lot about a wedding day by the first 5 minutes you spend with the bride. On August 15th, the first fiveView full post »

Caitlin & Jake // Covenant

The best weddings are the ones that get you excited about your marriage all over again. Jacob and Caitlin’sView full post »

Anne & Luke // Covenant

Married on the 4th of July! Anne & Luke’s wedding day was full of the fun and excitement that you wouldView full post »

Tyler & Emily // Covenant

Tyler & Emily’s wedding day was full of emotion and joy from start to finish! Their heart-felt ceremony was aView full post »

Mr. & Mrs. Elms // Covenant

So excited to share Austin & Lauren’s stunning summer wedding at The Moore Ranch! These two lovebirds wereView full post »

Anne & Luke // Sneak Peek!

Married on the 4th of July!!! Here is a little glimpse of Anne & Luke’s bright and joyful wedding day.View full post »

Kathryn & Stephen // Covenant

What began as a stormy summer day turned into a spectacular evening for a wedding. Kathryn & Stephen’s dayView full post »

Austin & Lauren // Sneak Peek!

Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Elms! Here is a brief glimpse of their beautiful wedding day.View full post »

Callie & Michael // Covenant

Not that we have favorites, but if we did, Callie & MIchael’s stunning 7F Lodge wedding would definitely beView full post »

Crystina & Eathan // Covenant

I am having trouble writing a description for this post, because I am certain that my words cannot begin to adequatelyView full post »

Roger & Dawnette // Covenant

It was a beautiful winter day for a wedding. The overcast skies yielded to the sun just in time for Roger &View full post »

Sarah & Jacob // Covenant

It was a perfect November day when Jacob watched his bride finally come down the aisle. No one had to wonder what heView full post »

Chad & Lindsey // Covenant

What could be sweeter than a precious couple celebrating their marriage in the beautiful wine country of NorthernView full post »

Carly & Alex // Covenant

It was such a privilege to witness and celebrate Carly & Alex’s lovely wedding day! There was beauty andView full post »

Vavak Wedding // Sneak Peek!!!

Crystina & Eathan’s day was perfect. Period. An amazing couple surrounded by an incredible community ofView full post »