The Story behind “The Light House”

If you find yourself wanting to know more about who we are and how we got here, this is the page for you.

We started as a husband and wife team many years ago (Chris & Arlina Photography) and had a few great years of traveling and shooting weddings as a young married couple. Then our family exploded… with children. That is an incredible story of its own since we originally struggled to get pregnant in the first place. If that’s you, do not lose heart. We now have a two-year old son and identical twin boys on the way – what a gift! As we skipped over 4 to become a family of 5, it became clear that Arlina wanted (and needed) to be at home.

This new season for our family called for a new name for the business. We wanted something that would communicate more than just a name – something that would communicate depth, meaning, truth and purpose. Our firstborn, Caleb, has been drawn to music from day one. He loves to sing and play the drums while daddy plays the guitar. He is a HUGE fan of Rend Collective Experiment. He can request almost every song of theirs by name, as well as sing on tune with many of them (his enunciation will catch up with his heart one day). His favorite song is “My Lighthouse” – and I wish you could see his face when that tune starts to play. For our family, this song represents the joy of children, the safety of family, and the goodness of the True Light who leads us through every trial and storm.

A couple of months after we found out about the twins, I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn’t stop thinking about all of the amazing (and mildly stressful) changes that were on the horizon. My mind swirled with thoughts about our family, the twins, and our growing photography business. A new name had evaded me until this moment, but as Caleb’s favorite tune echoed through my mind, I knew that I had finally stumbled upon it…

The Light House. It hit me like a light shining through the darkness.

The connection to photography is obvious. Someone once defined photography as “art with light.” Our style lends itself to bright, sun-infused images. We want our photos to be full of vibrant colors and joyful tones, which is so fitting for the season of life where love and commitment are celebrated through engagements and weddings. We love the way the sun literally gives life to everything and brings light to everyone.

But it’s actually the less obvious meanings that resonate with us the most. Rend Collective’s song is a celebration of the goodness and faithfulness of God, the Light who shines brightest in the darkness and always leads us safely to shore. This season has not been without its challenges. Our twin pregnancy has been wrought with complications, and our hearts have been humbled and broken by several surgeries and countless nights in the hospital… hoping, waiting, watching machines beeping… little noises ringing in the night and reminding of us how fragile life is. How would we navigate these stormy waters without a Light shining from the shore?
The land is now in sight, and our mighty little boys are doing great.

Lastly, our hope is that we ourselves might be a lighthouse of sorts. If our family can shine a little bit of light to another, either through our story or through our photography, then we could ask for nothing greater. Our clients become our friends, and our friends become our family.
When we are invited into your story, it is the highest honor and privilege, and we will do everything in our ability to capture and preserve the beautiful moments of your life.

Chasing the Light,

Chris, Arlina, Caleb, Hudson & Levi